Nokia Smartphone Since Changed World

We go through Nokia smartphone since changed world with the debut of iOS & Android, the touchscreen phone revolution.

People who are born in the last 30 years will know that Nokia was a worldwide leader in mobile phones. It was so dominant that out of 10 top-selling phones in the world right now, 7 are Nokia-made handsets. Nokia 1100 achieved 250 million sales and it’s the world’s most-selling phone ever followed by another Nokia handset and successor to 1100, i.e., Nokia 1110. But ever since Android’s debut, things weren’t good for Nokia as they preferred Windows Phone OS over Android. Here we look at the Nokia smartphone since changed the world. Why the changed World? Because with the launch of Android & iOS, the new era of touchscreen mobiles or smartphones began.

Nokia Smartphone Since Changed World

Ever since the debut of touchscreen mobiles, Nokia went down from hero to zero. Once a #1 company became obsolete with just one wrong call. Blame it on Stephen Elop, the Nokia CEO in 2011 who opted for Windows instead of Android as a primarily mobile platform.

Nokia lost its position as a market leader with that just one call by top authorities and they paved for Apple and Samsung’s dominance. Results showed within no time as Nokia lost its #1 position in 2012 to Samsung. After a steep decline in sales, the Finnish phone maker was bought by Microsoft in 2014 at 120 million.

The scene changed when Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group and HMD Global led by former Nokia employees bought Nokia from Microsoft for $350 million and now HMD Global has an exclusive license to sell the Nokia brand on mobile phones and tablets.

HMD Global took an important decision to come up with Nokia Android phones and so the first HMD Global-made Nokia Android phone is Nokia 6. Soo after the launch of the Nokia 5 and Nokia 8 extended the portfolio to midrange and the Finnish smartphone makers also launched several Android Go phones. The good thing was they opted for a stock Android experience unlike Samsung with a lot of bloatware apps and that paved way for Nokia’s re-entry into the smartphone competition.

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So that’s the Nokia smartphone since the changed world story.

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