How to Enable Developer Options on Nokia Phones

Nokia Developer Options Settings: In this guide by check out how to enable developer options on Nokia Android Phones.

In the present world, every Nokia Android mobile comes with developer options but it will not appear directly to us. In case we want to use developer options then we need to enable it. Do you own a Nokia phone? Is it Nokia 8.3, or Nokia 5.3? Which one is it? No matter which HMD Global Nokia phone you have, you might be looking for additional controls on your phone.

In this article, we are going to learn about developer options and how to enable developer options on Nokia phones.

What are Developer Options Settings?

Developer options are the options that are used for developing or changing some features of your Android mobile in different ways. These developer options are located in the settings of your Android mobile.

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There are plenty of uses of developer options. Below are a few features of developer options –

  • You can enable USB Debugging which allows your Android mobile to connect to Android SDK by USB cable.
  • 2D hardware acceleration can be enabled, which allows you to run your device apps faster.
  • Mock locations can be enabled, which allows you to change your device location by using any other external app. You can change your device location to the USA, U.K., or any other country and automatically the locations of your apps will be changed.
  • We can check CPU usage on the screen at any time.
  • We can check the log files of your mobile and they can be shared anywhere.
  • We can analyze how background processes can be run on our device at one time.

These are a few main advantages of Developer options and there are many other uses also but we use the above features the most.

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Who Needs Developer Options?

The word developer itself tells that these options are mainly used for developers. Developers are the people who want to make changes to their current operating system by using developer options they can add or remove their necessary features.

It is also used for people who want to change the ROM of their device. By enabling developer options we can unlock the bootloader & root our device and after that, we can change the device ROM completely.

Developer options are also useful for Beta testers i.e. they can check the log files of the device for notifying errors in the smartphone for sending a bug report.

How to enable Developer options on Nokia Phones?

Follow the process mentioned below in order to get Nokia Developer Options Settings –

  1. Unlock your mobile and open Settings.
  2. After opening Settings and then pointing out the System.
  3. Now, Open the System and tap on Advanced.
  4. In advanced, tap on About Device.
  5. Now you need to Tap Seven times on the Build number. Yes, you heard it right, 7 times continuously.
  6. Now, Go back to settings, scroll down, and find out developer options.

Here is the video guide to Nokia Developer Options enable/Disable –

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And that’s all finally you have enabled Developer options on the Nokia phone. Do let us know which mobile have you and don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook Page and Group for discussions and news.

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Nokia Phone Developer Options Settings: In this guide by check out how to enable developer options on Nokia Phones.
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