SK Telecom ties up with Nokia and Ericsson for 6G Development

SK Telecom has partnered with Nokia and Ericsson for the development in the field of 6G. Even though there are still years to come for the 5G, currently rolled out in a few countries, Korean Telecom wants to stay ahead of the competition and build a solid structural foundation.

SK Telecom CEO Park Jeong-Ho met with Per Narvinger from Ericsson and Tommi Uitto from Nokia Mobile Network to sign joint development memorandums.

Both the deals are part of a collaboration between two European countries and South Korea.

The main goal of this 6G deal is to lay the foundations for the next generation of network development and research.

We are still a long way from the official 6G launch date but the first stone has been laid.

6G Release Date

6G Network is expected to be released by 2022 in South Korea, Japan, and other European countries.

By 2026 it will be available through several countries worldwide and Verizon will launch it by 2028.


This post was last modified on December 27, 2023 9:41 PM