How to Fix Nokia Screenshot Not Working Problems & Issues

The screenshot lets you capture what you exactly see on the screen to save and share for further reference. One of the best features of Android phones is the “Screenshot feature” through which you can take a screenshot with one touch. If you need to take a screenshot in an emergency and it does not work it’s so frustrating. In this guide, we will be going through steps on how to fix Nokia screenshot not working problems & issues that you are facing right now either on your new or old Nokia phone.

Nokia Screenshot Not Working

The new Nokia Android Phones have amazing features for taking screenshots. But sometimes an error message pops up showing it can’t take the screenshot. There must be several reasons for screenshots not being taken.

Mentioned here are the 8 ways to fix screenshots not working on Nokia Android Phones

Pressing the wrong combination keys:

By default, Nokia phones have “Volume Down” + “Lock” buttons to take a screenshot. You need to press both buttons at the same time. Please note if you press the wrong combination keys screenshot will not be taken.

Power Saving Mode

This feature lets your phone from the battery drain. When this mode is on most Android Phones will not be able to take screenshots.

Turn off Incognito Mode

If you are trying to take a screenshot in Chrome Incognito Mode then you won’t be able to do it because Google has blocked the ability to capture the screenshot in incognito mode. So leave the Incognito Mode and open the normal mode to take the screenshot.

Restart Phone

Sometimes a quick restart can solve many problems. So if you are unable to take the screenshot restart your device.

Check Internal Storage

Many times full storage of the device will also result in not being able to take screenshots. To check storage go to Settings > Storage > General Management > Storage. Free up some space and then try to take a screenshot.

Check for Security Reasons:

Some apps and websites do not allow screenshots for app policy. If you try to take a screenshot the message pops up showing” Screenshot disabled due to security reason” or “Cannot take Screenshot“. Read further about why can’t you take screenshots due to security reasons.

Delete a newly Installed app

If you have installed a new app and are unable to take the screenshot then there might be some issues with the new app. Uninstall it and try to take a screenshot.

Use Safe Mode

Using Safe mode while taking screenshots is the safest way to take screenshots because the third-party app has no interference.

To put your device in safe mode follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the power button until you see the power menu.
  • Touch and hold the Power Off option and then tap on Safe Mode. Then your device will restart and boot in safe mode.

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So that’s how to fix the Nokia screenshot not working issue.

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