How to Hide Apps on Nokia Mobile Phones [No Root]

In this guide check out How to Hide Apps on Nokia Mobile Phones easily [No Root required].

Nokia is one of the popular mobile manufacturers and it has a very huge demand in the Indian market. Hiding of mobile application Nokia mobile doesn’t come by default. We need to sideload the necessary application for hiding our apps.

What is meant by hiding mobile apps?

Many of them hide a few apps on their mobiles, There are many reasons behind hiding the mobile apps. Hiding the mobile app doesn’t mean removing the app i.e It means storing the installed application in a secret location to protect our content from some other people who access your mobile phones. When you choose an application and hide it then the application will not appear on the list of installed apps. It will be stored in the third-party application which you have installed for hiding the mobile app on your Nokia mobile.

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Benefits of hiding mobile apps?

There are many benefits of hiding the most important app which contains your personal unshared information. After hiding the app no one will be knowing that the corresponding app is installed on your Nokia mobile. Your data will be safe and protected from unwanted people who are accessing your mobile phone.

How to Hide apps on the Nokia mobile?

To hide apps on Nokia mobile we need to install third-party applications as these devices are not getting hide features by default. Below are a few steps on how to install and hide your required apps on your mobile.


1. At first, We need a paid app named Nova Launcher Prime which is a low budget good launcher and we can hide our mobile applications. This launcher cost just $0.99.

2. Open your Google Play Store and in the search bar search for Nova Launcher Prime, In the search results click on the first app and download it.

or simply click here to go to app link on Google play store.

3. Complete the payment of the app for downloading. After paying then click on download.

4. After downloading, It will take time a few seconds for installing the application, So please wait until it installs.

5. After installing the app will be appeared in your app list.

6. Now, Open the app and then click on plus button which is in the down centre of the screen.

7. Then select the app(s) which you want to hide and That’s all the app will be hidden.

Follow each and every step properly and that’s all your apps will be hidden.The hidden app can be only accessible for you.

How to Open Hidden Apps

So far we have learned how to install and hide Android apps on Nokia mobiles. Now we will be learning how to open hidden Android apps.

Follow these steps :

  1. Open App drawer and go to search bar.
  2. At search bar, search for the app which you have hidden recently.
  3. You can see the app in search results.
  4. Simply click it to open and use.

These are few steps for opening hidden Android apps on Nokia mobiles.

Here is the video guide for the same –

So that was the guide on how to hide apps on Nokia mobile phones.

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