About us

NokiaAndroidPhones.com has an interesting beginning as Yogesh Khetani and his wife Preethi Khetani and things started when I brought Nokia 3 smartphone for her and love the way the phones are made. And this interest converted into the idea of launching NokiaAndroidPhones.com a fan based blog.

NokiaAndroidPhones.com is a Nokia Fan website. It solely intended to provide new Nokia phone launch news, comparison, software update details(how to guide) and A to Z related to Nokia.

The team working behind NokiaAndroidPhones.com blog has quite a good experience in crafting the content. Thus, you get the most recent news in a well-written manner that makes reading the news interesting.

Yogesh and Preethi themselves are great at writing and editing contents which gives them the upper hand in offering the best quality news and bulletins to their readers.

Initially, NokiaAndroidPhones.com was started by Yogesh & Preethi, but later we added more team members. You can check out team members here and for any queries contact us here.

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